XKI publicity shot

X.K.I., left to right: Kitty Hawk: bass, Carolyn (standing): vocals, Bobby Skull: drums, Meryl Lynch (Hurwich): guitar

Guest List
I Hate Everything
German Song
Bombs Away

Jet Suicide came up with the name Killer Instinct; he kept it when the band split up. The remaining members found a new guitarist and new name that described their status as "eX-KI." They rapidly returned to the stage at A7 and also managed to get in a couple of gigs at 2+2, a new club Dave opened on Second Avenue and 2nd Street. (It remained open for less than two months, thereby cementing its reputation). They also played a couple of gigs at CBGB's before the hardcore ban went into effect, and at a new club called 8BC at its original location on the south side of 8th St. (above a garage in a guy named Bob's apartment).

Guitarist Meryl was a friend of Carolyn's pal Donna Argentina (of No Thanks) and Donna introduced her to the band. Meryl had a distinctly different sound than Jet and not all the fans liked it. In late '82 the band was asked to submit tapes for a new 7" EP that was being put together by John Souvadji (who ran the Big City fanzine). The EP was called Big City Ain't Too Pretty and included cuts by X.K.I., Betrayed, U.V., Savage Circle, No Thanks, Armed Citizens, and Fathead Suburbia. 1000 copies were pressed.

X.K.I. paid for a one-day recording session in January 1983 at Monkey Hill Studio in Queens, NY; the band acted as its own producer. All the X.K.I. cuts included here were recorded that day, though only "I Hate Everything" made it onto the EP. When the band finally heard it they were appalled at the way the tune had been mastered for vinyl; lots of reverb had been added and the whole sound was murky. (The engineer who mastered the session died in a car crash shortly afterward). As with Killer Instinct, by the time of the record's release the band had broken up. Once again, no one involved made any money and no major label came calling.

German Song: lyrics by Carolyn, music by Meryl
Guest List: lyrics by Carolyn, music by X.K.I.
Bombs Away: lyrics and music by Kit and Vinnie Stigma (Agnostic Front)
Stromboli: lyrics by Carolyn, music by X.K.I.
I Hate Everything: lyrics and music by Bobby Skull


Big City front sleeve insert

Big City "N" side label

Big City enclosed booklet, X.K.I. page