Jan Weber

A few years ago, director Jan Weber asked me to provide a score for her video, AS WE SOW, about the disappearance of small Iowa pig farms and what that might mean to American farming. I had a great time doing it and I was thrilled to be associated with such a "high class" project, so unlike the crap that usually engages my attention.

To hear all the cues from the AS WE SOW soundtrack (including a previously unreleased alternate version of the main title, click here.

Here is the three-part YouTube posting of AS WE SOW,

Here's another short documentary piece from Jan, “Brooklyn Welcomes Niman Farmers.”
I edited the piece and wrote some fake jazz for the score.

Blast from the Past: though no one has posted anything from her first feature film (1975's FORCE IV, usually labelled BLACK FORCE in the remainder bins) I was able to find some clips from VELVET SMOOTH, the blaxploitation classic that Jan wrote and produced along with her director husband, Mike Fink. Enjoy, please. And YouTube has more clips if you can't get enough!

Lastly but not leastly, no reference to Jan's career is complete without mentioning the Crazy Eddie commercials. Jan wrote 'em all, including the words to the Crazy Eddie song ("When you think you're ready/go to Crazy Eddy..."). This tune is seared into the frontal lobes of every New Yorker who watched TV at any time in the 1970s or 80s. Husband Mike Fink directed them all. The clip below has three of these indescribable creations, including the classic "Crazy Eddie Doo Wop." Thank you, Mike; thank you, Jan! Awesome!