web interactivity

Add a Link

1. Create a new Dreamweaver document and save it to your Desktop; call it “page2.html.”

2. In Design view type “Click on this sentence to open my other page.” Select the sentence (make sure the entire sentence is highlighted).

3. In the Properties window, just to the right of the "Link" text-entry box, click on the folder icon in the upper right corner.

4. In the dialog box that appears, click on “Desktop” and find the first file that you made (yourName.html) or another file if you want to link to something else.

5. Once the file is selected, click on “Choose.”

6. Save your page again.

7. From the File menu, select “Preview in Browser > Safari.”

8. Click on the link and see if it opens your first page.

9. Using the same process as above, create a link from the first page back to "page2.html."



• Images can be links, too. Select the image by clicking on it and then repeat the procedures in steps 3-5.