I Still Hate the Nuns

Fifteen years since grammar school
And I still got the scars;
When I see 'em on the street
Try to hit 'em with my car.
Hope I catch one late at night
On the convent steps:
Treat 'em like the Red Chinese,
Make 'em choke on their rosary beads.

I still hate the nuns;
I still hate the nuns.
And I won't be satisfied
Till I get 'em all outside
And put 'em up against a wall.

Think of what they did to my friends,
What they did to me!
They got away with anything
In 1963.
It's a vendetta Bernadette,
Veronica, Marie:
I see black, I see white —
C'mon let's rip this church tonight

I still hate the nuns...

In the Middle Ages,
When they were thick as fleas,
One false word in confession
And the priest would let them burn the girls like me.
Thank God it's a new age;
My kind's on the top.
I've got matches,
I've got the gas:
Catch a few on their way to Mass.

I still hate the nuns...

Mike Enright, c. 1980-81