Lovers in New York

Last night, I was so worried
I stayed awake and watched you sleep;
Bad news from the boys uptown —
Cut off the power next week.
You are the one thing,
the only person I still have
make me feel alright.
Can't even pay the rent for you;
Can't get you supper tonight.

I don't no have not money, no money;
Got no money, I got no cash.
Just a landlord, a boss, and a shitty job;
Come home and get smashed.

We can hold out together.
We can hold out together.

I'm so glad you finally got to New York:
No more phone bills, like a lover's tax.
No, I never got a letter out,
But I would always call back.
Now I can whisper the number in your ear.
Yeah, though I walk through the Bronx at night
I know you are here.

Make your name a magic word
To protect me like a charm.
That's some magic word, no lie,
Cause it brings you right into my arms.

I love you; we're each alone in a city that does not care.
So what, it's the same sad story for everyone
'Cept I got you sitting there.
Just a bunch of refugees from the middle west,
Displaced persons in a combat zone
Where we lose the best.

When they turn the lights off, honey,
We'll lay together in the dark.
When they put us on the street we'll disappear
Into Central Park.

That's when I need your magic word;
That's no lie,
Make your name a magic word.
When I need your magic word,
That's no lie;
Make your name a magic word.

Mike Enright, c. 1980-81