Keith Richards' Dead

Friend said "Keith Richards' dead,
New York in a hotel room."
Last night on the radio
They must've played "Satisfaction" 'bout twenty times;
DJ said Keith Richards' dead.

My god, Keith Richards, man!
Two albums in the can.
"Some Girls" still on the charts.
You know it won't be The Rolling Stones no more,
Not with Keith Richards' dead.

Looking at the cover of "Twelve by Five",
Freaked me out only three alive;
Keith's in black, Mick's in white —
This could be the last time / this could be the last time /
May be the last time but i don't know.

Friend said Keith Richards' dead:
Got drunk, stayed out all night,
Stayed home and I missed my job,
Must've played "Satisfaction" bout twenty times.
Man said, "Keith Richards' dead."

Paperman said "Keith Richards' dead".
DJ said "Keith Richards' dead".
You know my good friend said "Keith Richards' dead".
Paper said "Keith's Dead"

Mike Enright, c. 1977-78