web interactivity

Write some HTML

1. Double-click on the Dreamweaver icon in the Dock

2. From the Welcome Screen, in the “Create New” menu, select “HTML”

3. If the Welcome Screen does not appear (it may be turned off on some computers), choose “New” from the File menu. From the new document dialog box that follows, select “Basic Page” and “HTML”, then click the “Create” button.

4. From the View menu, select “Code”

5. Select all the text you see and delete it

6. Type the following into the page exactly as shown below:

<title>Your name here</title>
Hello, world!

7. From the File menu, select “Preview in Browser > Firefox”. When asked if you want to save the changes, click “Save”. You are now being asked to name the file you have created; type your name in the hilited space next to the words “Save As”, followed by the .html extension.

8. Now you select the location where you will store your new html file. From the pulldown menu next to the word “Where” select Desktop. If you don’t see this pulldown menu, click on the blue triangle to the right of the “Save As” area where you typed the file name, then pull down the menu and select Desktop as indicated above.

9. Check out your new html file opened in a browser window.