web interactivity

Add an Image

1. Create a new Dreamweaver document (File > New, then “Blank Page”, “Page Type: HTML”, and “Layout: <none>”). Click “Create”.

2. Before you do anything else, save the file (File > Save).

3. In the Save dialog that appears, type your name where the hilite appears at the top.

4. Click on “Desktop” on the left, then click on “Save.”

5. From the Insert menu choose “Image.”

6. Navigate to the Desktop in the dialog that follows and find the image called “kkp-poster-edited.jpg” that you created in the tutorial "Preparing an Image for the Web". Select it and click the “Choose” button.

7. In the “Image Tag Accessibility Attributes” dialog that appears, write a description of the image in the “Alternate text” box, then click “OK.”

8. Make sure you are in Design view (you should be seeing the image you have added to the page). If you don’t have a button row at the top of your document window that says “ Code | Split | Design”, go to View > Toolbars and select “Document.”

9. Click the cursor to the right of your image and hit the “Return” key to make a new paragraph. Type a caption for your photo.

10. From the File menu, select “Preview in Browser > Firefox.”