digital imaging

Halloween Costume Assignment

1. Download the two images, one of tourists, one of some Indian kids. Open them in Photoshop.

2. Start with one of the images; duplicate the people layer. Create a new layer and slide it underneath the duplicate people layer. Using the Edit > Fill menu fill it with white. This will make it easier to see what you are doing while you make changes.

3. First we create a mask on the duplicate people layer, to separate them from the background. Select the duplicate people layer; add a layer mask by going to the button row on the bottom of the layers window and clicking on the "Add Layer Mask" button. It's the third one from the left.

4. You should now be seeing a white box on the duplicate people layer just to the right of the layer's thumbnail image. This is the mask for the layer. If the mask is selected, you will see the paint colors change to black and white: masks are created with black and white paint. Whatever you paint with white stays in the picture, whatever you paint with black disappears. As you paint you can switch the two colors back and forth (the "x" key is the shortcut). Make the entire background disappear.

5. Create a new layer above the people to paint their costumes; create a new layer under them to create the background. The costume layer doesn't need a mask since the only things that will appear there are any shapes that you paint.


• When you paint the costumes experiment with new brush shapes, the layer's blend settings, and the layer's opacity settings to produce a variety of effects.

• The Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools can be really helpful when selecting for a mask; use them, but make adjustments to the edges so they aren't too sharp. Wherever the edges of the mask remain jagged, smooth them out with a small, soft brush. Check out this page for more help with the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools.