Sets and Locations

The locale where shooting takes place. The set may be a constructed set (also known as a stage), or a location.

Set Decoration

The d├ęcor for a set, which might range from furniture to small objects to plants.

Production Designer

The person responsible for the “look” of all built sets, location sets, set decoration, props and painting.

The Acting

The style of the acting, for instance: the method, improvisation, broad comedy, highly trained impersonation.

The Actor

The physical look of the actor: build, height, movement, and the face.

Figure Position, Facial Expression

How the actors are posed in the frame, and the expressions they make on their faces.

Figure Movement, Blocking Composition

The movement of figures within and through the frame, and the movement and positioning of actors on a set.

Framing and Composition

What is in the frame and what is not, and how the elements seen in the frame are arranged.

Costume, Makeup, Hair

How the costumer, the makeup artist and the hair stylist make over the actor for the screen.


An object that an actor uses, or which is mentioned in the script. Includes cars and animals.


The way the set or location or actors are lit, usually the responsibility of the Director of Photography