Lesson 10 (online)

Watch at least a half hour of Video Number 1, Charles Laughton Directs Night of the Hunter. You will see sequences from Hunter as they were being shot, which is interesting, but more importantly you will hear Laughton the director coaching, advising, and sometimes scolding his actors to get the reactions he needed. Remember that he was an acting coach in addition to all the other hats he wore. A director's job is a lot more than just lining up a good shot; most of the work involves getting sensitive, talented people to give their best under tough circumstances. See how Laughton did it.

There is a ten-minute introduction and then the acting begins; at the fifteen minute mark you can see Laughton directing the two kids. Do you think he was mean? Effective? What would you have done differently? Make sure to post a response on the Lesson 10 discussion board.

Video Number 1
Charles Laughton Directs Night of the Hunter

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Terms to review for the final:

Mise en scène

Narrative Elements

New terms that might help on the final:

Aspect Ratio

Elements of Cinematography